In October of 2017 we captured the fleeting magic of autumn in our Wild Thanksgiving Centerpiece workshop. We created one-of-a-kind floral masterpieces using foraged fall foliage, textural accents, and stunning seasonal flowers.

The workshop was led by Louise Warner. Louise is the mastermind behind @wildimaginationco and @unicornblooms. Louise wowed us with a breathtaking selection of dahlias, rosehips, Japanese anemones, Icelandic poppies, local roses, foraged fall foliage like oak, maple, and pagoda dogwood, scented geraniums, dried grass plumes, ornamental seedheads and pods -- and more!

With final pieces in hand, we took to the alleyway beside Watson and Lou where Emma Lee Hacker took some truly magical shots against the graffiti bricks and hanging Edison lights.  


Photos by Emma Lee